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24 hour monitoring of blood pressure

There are many patients in our surgery taking medication for high blood pressure. The measurement of blood pressure in the surgery can be influenced by stress (the so-called “white coat effect”). That’s why it’s ideal to compare these measurements with figures from home, during all kinds of activities through the day. This can be achieved by monitoring blood pressure over 24 hours (using a blood pressure Holter device).

The examination is simple and painless. The patient has to come to the surgery, where he or she is given an arm cuff by our nurse and a small monitoring device, not much bigger than a mobile phone. This can be worn under a shirt and doesn’t influence daily activities. The monitor is worn by the patient for 24 hours. The arm cuff is automatically inflated at given intervals and blood pressure is measured. It is advised to stop any activity and not speak during the few seconds during which the measurement takes place. The patient is also advised to carry a diary of activities during that day. After 24 hours the patient comes back to the surgery. The nurse takes back the monitor, connects it to the computer and hands the results to the doctor, together with the patient’s record of activity through the day. This examination is not paid by public health insurance yet. In our surgery it costs 350 CZK. Public insurance can pay for the examination if prescribed in hospital or by a specialist, but the advantage if you have it measured by us is the convenience of not having to wait or go for a special consultation.