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Glucose and glycoside hemoglobin level measurement

This examination helps to diagnose diabetes or to control the level of compensation in patients with alreday established diagnosis of diabetes.

Both blood tests are carried out in our surgery on the spot. Examinations take no more than about five minutes. Just one drop of blood is needed, which is taken with a prick from the patient’s fingertip. The nurse then puts the drop onto special paper, which is inserted into a diagnostic instrument and in a few minutes we have the results. The patient does not need to refrain from eating before the examination, which can be carried out at any time during the day.

Depending on the result, the doctor decides whether further examinations or checking are needed. If the finding of a higher level of blood sugar is for the first time, the diagnosis of diabetes needs to be confirmed with a blood test taken from the vein and the patient must refrain form eating for 12 hours before the test (with only a light supper the day before).

While blood sugar examination shows the actual status, a glycoside hemoglobin measurement gives information about longer term compensation of diabetes 2nd type.

We provide ongoing care for patients with so-called diabetes II. Patients with so-called diabetes I and complicated cases must however be referred to a specialist.