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Preventive examination

If you have Czech public health insurance, this pays for a regular preventive examination with your GP every 2 years.

What can you expect during this examination?

General internal examination including:

  • Skin examination

Recommended if you are above 40. If you have a suspicious mole, you will be sent for examination to a speciliast.

  • Prostate gland examination

Recommended for men above the age of 40.

  • Cardiovascular risk assessment

A regular part of preventive examination. If you have cardiovascular risk factors, the doctor will inform you about them and try to suggest how to manage them (for example smoking, obesity, lack of physical activity, dietary problems…)

  • Per rectum examination

Recommended if you are above 40.

In the Czech Republic only one regular vaccination (against tetanus) is required in adulthood. Vaccination is necessary every 10 – 15 years.

For other vaccination options in our surgery see the section on vaccination.

Mammography – checking for possible breast cancer

As part of the preventive examination your GP can further recommend:

  • Gynaecological examination (done by specialist gynaecologist)

PAP test (cervical smear), checking for possible cervical cancer

  • Eye examination

Eye pressure measurement is recommended above the age of 45

  • Preventive dental examination