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Urine test

You don’t have to be booked for this examination. You just need to take a sample bottle from our nurse and bring a morning sample of urine to our surgery (on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday between 6.45am and 8 am).

The doctor can determine if there is blood, protein, crystals or infection in patient’s urine. There is no special process required for this test and this examination can be carried out even during the day in our surgery using a special diagnostic tool.

If the doctor wants to test for a particular pathogen in your urine (eg. if there is infection) and its sensitivity to certain antibiotics, then you have to bring a first morning urine sample in a sterile bottle (which the nurse will provide). A special process is required for taking this sample. You must wash first, pass the first flush of urine into the toilet and catch the middle part of the urine in the sample bottle (i.e. not the last part of the urine).