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Who we are

Doc.MUDr. Bohumil Seifert Ph.D.
Completed his medical education at the Medical Faculty of Charles University Motol in Prague in 1981. He gained his hospital practice in two hospitals in Nymburk and at the faculty hospital Bulovka in Prague. In 1985 and 1990 he completed his postgraduate education in general practice and has been working as a GP in Prague – Karlín since 1985.

He is also very active in teaching activities – he directs the Department of General Practice at the First Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague. He is also the lead author of the main textbook on General Practice as well as other publications. He presents papers at numerous Czech and foreign conferences and in 2006 also successfully completed his Ph.D study in preventive medicine. In 2009 he became a Senior Lecturer at the First Medical Faculty of Charles University.



MUDr.Jitka Nováková
University in Prague in 2000. Then she worked at the IInd Department of Medicine and IIIrd Department of Medicine and Cardiology of the Faculty Hospital Kralovske Vinohrady. She completed the Board Examination in Internal Medicine - Ist Grade in 2003. She has been working as an assistant in GP practice since 2010. She completed her postgraduate education in general practice in 11/2011.




MUDr. Martin Seifert
He graduated at the 2nd Faculty of Medicine in Prague in 2009.He started as Ph.D. student at the Clinic for Rehabilitation of the 1st Faculty of Medicine and worked at the Clinic of Internal Medicine at General Hospital in Prague. In years 2011-2013 he worked in Germany, at Neurorehabilitation Clinic in Regensburg. After completing residency program in general practice he is supposed to recieve full qualification in autumn  2015. He has been trained in shiatsu massage, myosceletal medicine and psychosomatics.




MUDr. Renata Dvořáková
After graduation at the 1st Faculty of Medicine in Prague in 2014 she started the residency program in general practice at Ordinace Karlin.She was referred to obtain her clinical skills in General Hospital in Prague. She will follow the plan of residency program untill 2017 with most of time spent in Ordinace Karlin.  




Dagmar Šťastná
Graduated from nursing school in Prague 8 in 1976. She gained many years experience in the surgery department of Faculty Hospital Bulovka in Prague. Since 1989 she has worked as a nurse in Prague – Karlín. From 1995 to 1997 she was head nurse at a polyclinic and since 1997 she has worked in our surgery. She regularly attends various training events and contributed a chapter on the role of the nurse in general practice for the leading textbook on general practice.