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What is a biotronic lamp for?
The lamp provides treatment with polarised light, which doesn’t hurt and is not unpleasant. The treatment lasts for about 10-15 minutes per session. It is not a new treatment and has been proven over many years of use. We have the most modern equipment available for the treatment. 
A biotronic lamp can be used in many ways, but the best results are achieved for these conditions:

Dermatology and surgery:

  • recent and older scars
  • burns
  • herpes
  • acne
  • bed sores
  • leg ulcers
  • atopic eczema
  • psoriasis


  • scars after caesarean section
  • herpes
  • breast nipple injury
  • striae

Musculoskeletal problems:

  • acute and chronic tendonitis
  • joint pain
  • back pain
  • muscle cramps
  • bruises

Dental medicine:

  • mouth sores
  • gum inflammation
  • injury after tooth extraction
  • pain in temporomandibular joints (the jaw)
  • pain in trigeminal nerve

Whole body effect – increase of general immunity

The price for 5 sessions is 200 CZK. 
The lengths of one session is 10-15 minutes, depending on the problem.
The length of the course of treatment as a whole depends also on the nature of the problem, but usually 10 and more sessions are necessary.
If you are interested please get more information from a doctor or nurse.