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Informations for our clients

Dear patients and clients of our practice, thank you for respecting general precautions during the Covid pandemic. We hope the times of uncertainty and fear during personal contact are over. We would still like to emphasize the need to use basic personal protective equipment when you are visiting our practice.

Please desinfect your hands when entering the waiting room. The whole ambulance including the door knobs undergoes regular desinfection.

We would like to ask you to wear a face mask within the premises of our practice, especially if you have symptoms of respiratory illness. The symptoms may include fever, cough, headaches, and/or weakness. Please keep distance between other patients and medical personnel. If you do not have symptoms of respiratory illness, it is possible to take off your mask after consulting the doctor or nurse.

We would also like to ask you to make an appointment before coming. Ideally we prefer all patients to come only after making a prior appointment booking. You can make an appointment through  www.ordinace-karlin.cz or by telephone (224818214 or 603477582).

Our medical team is doing our best to provide high quality medical care as well an individual approach for all our patients.
Thank you for your longterm support and we hope you have a wonderful summer in full health.

The team of your Ordinace Karlin

New team in our practice

Dear patients and clients of our practice, Please pay close attention to this announcement if you are interested in who is going to look after your health in our practice.

We are still aiming for you to have a choice of your preferred doctor, depending on your preferences or the nature of your problem. We also emphasise the importance of continuity of care and we do share information about your health within the medical team. Thanks to the careful note keeping and live communication between our doctors we can ensure continuity of care irrespective of which doctor you will see.

Doc. MUDr. Bohumil Seifert, PhD. represents more than a 30-year tradition of Ordinace Karlín. He can guarantee the high quality of care you receive in our practice. He usually sees patients on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; however, he is often busy with his academic and other work.

MUDr. Martin Seifert is slowly taking over the leadership of the practice from his Father. He is at your disposal on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. He works at CKP Sámova on Wednesday and spends rest of his time in academia and psychosomatic medicine. He is offering private psychosomatic consultations outside of our usual opening hours.

Jitka Nováková, both your and our favourite doctor, has left the practice after 12 years. We have hired new experienced and empathic doctors to fill her place.

MUDr. Kristína Kopsová will be at your disposal on Monday and Friday at first. Come January 2021 she will work Wednesdays as well and from September 2021 she is hoping to work 5 days a week. She should be the main guarantor of continuity of care in the future.

MUDr. Marie Bourne came back to Czechia after 15 years in the UK, where she worked as a GP, which is a great medical experience. She is going to get to know the Czech health system at first, her medical experience is excellent though. She will be at your disposal on Tuesday and Thursday morning.

MUDr. Zuzana Martínková, our former resident, is now a fully-fledged GP, that you may already know. She is now going to be a part of our team at least until Dr Kopsová increases her hours. She is going to see patients on Tuesday morning. Her new professional interest is palliative care.

Our practice is a fully accredited supervising medical facility and at the same time we are an academic and teaching centre for the 1st & 3rd medical faculties of Charles University.

What does this mean for you?

  • You can be sure of the high quality of your medical care according to the latest standards of world medicine as well as struct adherence to GDPR and other strict rules
  • There is medical research under way in our practice
  • You are also being looked after by our residents, that is doctors that are preparing for specialist exams in General Practice. Currently we have:
  • Min H. Kim, a very meticulous and smart doctor who will be with us until at least Autumn 2021, if not longer.
  • Kateřina Melicharová, also a very meticulous doctor, who will join us in spring time, after passing her hospital internships.
  • Occasionally we welcome residents from other medical programmes, for whom a stay in a GP practice is newly compulsory.
  • Occasionally we welcome students from 1st & 3rd Medical Faculties of Charles University who have to pass a compulsory internship in a GP practice.

If you do not appreciate a presence of another person other than your own doctor please do not hesitate to tell us. The student can wait outside.

Our wonderful and very well qualified nurses are an indispensable part of our team:

Mgr. Šárka Vondrová – the practice could not be run without her, she is responsible for almost everything. She has stepped into the shoes of Dagmar Šťastná, whom you won’t meet in the surgery anymore, as she is enjoying her well-deserved retirement.

Marie Kuchařová, DiS. – a qualified physiotherapist, who is skilled in kinesiological taping – which she is happy to apply to you in surgery. It is helpful in many musculoskeletal conditions. Just ask her. 

We are striving to maintain high quality of medical care in our practice whilst maintaining an individual and personal approach to each and every one of you. Thank you for your long-standing trust and we wish you a full physical and mental health! Your team of  the Ordinace PL Karlín s.r.o. 

About the operation of the surgery

In our general practice we provide professional care in a pleasant atmosphere, using modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.

Our working hours cover most mornings and evenings. You can make an appointment with your chosen doctor at the time that suits you best, saving you time in the waiting room.

We speak Czech, Slovak and English fluently, as well as basic German and Russian. We can also provide consultations in Spanish with one of our junior doctors. Finally we also work with a translator for the Chinese languages.

Our surgery offers services for patients registered in our office. We have contracts with all public health insurance companies in the Czech Republic.

Please note that our surgery provides teaching for students of the First Medical Faculty of Charles University. So you may meet medical students in the surgery. Nevertheless you have the right to request that no students be present during your consultation with the doctor.

We also take part in clinical trials for new medicines, only following patients’ approval of course.


As always our surgery will be offering influenza vaccinations. The vaccination against flu is strongly recommended in this season

The vaccine is available for seniors over 65 and chronically ill people within the public insurance scheme.

Among others the vaccination is recommended to people living together with chronically ill patients and for people working in manager positions.

Pricing in Czech language