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Information on Vaccination and Testing

As every year, the Karlín Clinic recommends flu vaccination to patients of all ages. Especially seniors and chronically ill patients, their relatives and friends who are in contact with them, and people in exposed occupations.

You can come in for a flu shot without an appointment. The vaccine is covered for people 65 years of age and older and some chronically ill people. The price for self-payers is 600,- CZK. Check your insurance company's contribution.

For vaccination against Covid it is necessary to make an appointment with the nurse in advance. Both vaccines can be given on the same day.

We also recommend vaccination against pneumococcal infections, which can cause very serious pneumonia in the elderly and chronically ill. For citizens aged 65 and over, their insurance company pays for their vaccine.

Please consider our recommendation to vaccinate to prevent complications in the 2023/2024 flu season.

Informations for our clients

Dear patients and clients of our practice, thank you for respecting general precautions during the Covid pandemic. We would still like to emphasize the need to use basic personal protective equipment when you are visiting our practice.

Please desinfect your hands when entering the waiting room. The whole ambulance including the door knobs undergoes regular desinfection.
We would like to ask you to wear a face mask within the premises of our practice if you have symptoms of respiratory illness.  

Our medical team is doing our best to provide high quality medical care as well an individual approach for all our patients.

Communication with the surgery

and online ordering of examinations

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Dear patients, please do not send us emails, they overload our email inbox and we do not have the capacity for its daily maintenance. 

Only use the SmartMedix system to communicate with the practice. We would like this communication system to replace the phone, which is constantly overloaded, despite the fact that we have included an operator in our team.

About the operation of the surgery

In our general practice we provide professional care in a pleasant atmosphere, using modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.

Our working hours cover most mornings and evenings. You can make an appointment with your chosen doctor at the time that suits you best, saving you time in the waiting room.

We speak Czech, Slovak and English fluently, as well as basic German and Russian. We can also provide consultations in Spanish with one of our junior doctors. Finally we also work with a translator for the Chinese languages. 
We only register patients living in Prague 8.

Our surgery offers services for patients registered in our office. We have contracts with all public health insurance companies in the Czech Republic.

Please note that our surgery provides teaching for students of the First Medical Faculty of Charles University. So you may meet medical students in the surgery. Nevertheless you have the right to request that no students be present during your consultation with the doctor.

We also take part in clinical trials for new medicines, only following patients’ approval of course.


As always our surgery will be offering influenza vaccinations. The vaccination against flu is strongly recommended in this season

The vaccine is available for seniors over 65 and chronically ill people within the public insurance scheme.

Among others the vaccination is recommended to people living together with chronically ill patients and for people working in manager positions.

Pricing in Czech language